The Rough Guide to Gas

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The Rough Guide to Gas is a teaching and learning resource comprising printed adn web-based material.

Background Information

Centrica Storage is responsible for running the largest UK gas storage facility. It is situated under the bed of the North Sea and is connected to the mainland by a pipeline to the Easington Terminal on the coast of East Yorkshire. Here it is processed and prepared for transfer into the National Transmission System.

This gas storage facility is known as Rough and was formerly the Rough field before its gas reserves were depleted. Its location made it ideal for storage, and it was converted to this purpose in 1985. It was also the inspiration for the name of this resource.

The Easington terminal is the UK end of a gas pipeline network connecting several European countries, extending as far as Nyhmna on the north west coast of Norway.

Why storage?

Storage is essential in order to respond to spikes in demand for gas. At times of low demand, excess gas can be transferred to the Rough field, and drawn on at times of peak demand. In the days of town gas (coal gas) this was achieved using local gasometers.


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