Rough Guide to Gas

The Rough Guide to Gas

Is the rock suitable?

Choosing Sample A or B

Here is the results table with extra results added after leaving the samples in water for another 10 minutes.

  Sample A Sample B
Weight before standing in water 600g 570g
Weight after 10 minutes in water 630g 610g
Weight after 20 minutes in water 650g 615g
Weight after 30 minutes in water 655g 615g

Fill in these answers:

Sidney SeagullAll correct - well done!

So this is how scientists can find out which rock type will be good for storing gas.

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Keep trying!

Sidney Seagull

Think carefully about each question and fill in the answers

After 30 minutes:

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value="#water30B#" accesskey="c" size="4" maxlength="3" /> gtick


Your decision

Looking at all the results, which of the two samples
do you think is able to soak up the most water, A or B?