The Rough Guide to Gas


Selina SeagullHi! I'm Selina Seagull - you might have already met my brother Sidney. We're here to help you find out more about gas.

Do you use gas at your house? Many people use gas at home for cooking, heating the house and for hot water. Some people prefer to use electricity, but gas is also used in some power stations to generate electricity.

Gas comes from under the ground. The remains of plants and animals from millions of years ago were crushed and gradually changed into new materials. Gas is one of these materials. To get to it we have to drill very deep holes in the right places, and sometimes this is in rocks under the sea.

Gas is very important, but it won't last forever. We need to use it carefully, and make sure we don't waste it.

But what about...?


You probably have lots of questions, things like:

That's what these pages are about - asking and answering these sorts of questions.

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