The Rough Guide to Gas

Controlling the gas - why?

Selina Seagull

You have to control things in your house all the time. Do you leave the lights on all the time? (I hope not!) Do you have heating on all day, every day? I doubt it! You have to control them.

Gas customers don't use the same amount of gas all the time. Sometimes they need more, sometimes less, but the gas has to be at the correct pressure all the time. As customers use more or less gas, the pressure will change, so the gas has to be controlled.

Managing gas pressure

When customers are not using much gas, the compressor can run slowly

Not muc hgas needed

When customers need more gas, it makes the pressure drop

More gas needed

To make the pressure high enough the compressor must run faster

Pressure up again

Sounds simple, doesn't it - but there is a problem with this...

So what's the problem...?