The Rough Guide to Gas

About Rough Guide to Gas

Rough Guide to Gas gets its name from the Rough gas field, found under the bed of the North Sea off the coast of East Yorkshire in the UK. After depletion of the reserves in the field it was converted to be used as a major off-shore gas storage facility.

An Educational Resource

Rough Guide to Gas is a resource to support the teaching and learning of science to children in the 7-11 yrs age range and includes this web site and a printed resource.

For further details about content, and to download a pdf of the full printed resource, please see the Teachers' Notes pages.

Centrica Storage

Centrica Storage is responsible for running the gas storage facility. The Rough field is connected to the mainland by a pipeline to the Easington Terminal on the coast of East Yorkshire. Here it is processed and prepared for transfer into the National Transmission System.

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CIEC Promoting Science

CIEC promotes science teaching in primary and secondary schools in the context of industry in the 21st century, and aims to:.

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